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Fresh Science - finally get rid of strong odors

Finally Get Rid of Strong Odors


Fresh Science is a miracle worker! It's incredible how well it works. My shoes, my workout clothes, my gym bag... with just a few sprays, everything smells great.

I'm giving this product to all my friends and family!!


Between my kids and my two doggos my house gets stinky real fast. Fresh Science has helped me destroy every bad smell, and made my home smell amazing!


I'm on my feet 12 hours a day. When I get home, you can smell me from the living room. It's embarrassing!! Nothing worked, until Fresh Science. I've also started using it on my kids soccer equipment, bags, and everything else. 

For Toilets!

For Toilets!

Introducing another new line of products made specifically for eliminating toilet and general bathroom odors!

Please give a warm, welcoming "Good Morning!" to Fresh Science • For Toilets

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For Pets!

For Pets!

Introducing the first in a new line of products made specifically for pets and all types of pet products!

Say "Hello" to Fresh Science • For Pets

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SoleFog is now Fresh Science!

SoleFog is now Fresh Science!

SoleFog is now Fresh Science 🎉

The same great odor eliminating products and popular fragrances, now with a new name and look!