If These Boots Could Talk - Bouldering in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Bouldering, make sure you bring SoleFog to bare the smell of your climbing shoes in car ride home.
Your bouldering expedition in California’s Joshua Tree Park has become one of the great weekend outings for Southern California. Filled with bouldering climb opportunities for the most advanced vert climbs to beginners looking to test their afraid of height limits. :)


Joshua Tree Park is located in San Bernardino County about 140 miles east of the city of Los Angeles, 180 miles north-east of San Diego, and about 220 miles south-west of Las Vegas. Once you reach the park and have set up your camp, it is time for some adventure and the best way to experience it is through bouldering.   

Although you may find the climbs of Joshua Tree Park lacking vertical height, but they easily make up for it with more adventure and exposure. Remember that this bouldering spot is not made for a timid or new leader who is trying to push his limits, or for people who do not have a plan.

Technical climbs in Joshua Tree your climbing shoes are going to be dirty and smelly. Use SoleFog at the end of the day to keep them smelling fresh.


The park is enormous, to begin with, and has widely spaced crags. Because of the sheer number of diverse routes (in excess of 7,000), it is easy to get disoriented. On initial glance a majority of the rock formations may appear similar, but don’t get tricked. The park is home to Keys Ranch, Hidden Valley and Samuelson’s Rocks, which bouldering enthusiasts love. This park is a pristine and immaculate wilderness not just for bouldering, but also for solitary strolls and natural communions.    



For maximums experience and comfortability, you don’t have to worry too much about your footwear, as La Sportiva’s climbing shoes are tailor made for this journey. The shoes have permanent power platform and down-turned toes that help in keep your feet stable and firm. It has a lock harness system, which nicely secures your heels. This shoe will definitely help you climb better.

Just make sure you give your climbing shoes a little bit of SoleFog love when the weekend is over. Click Here to Purchase Now

Sportiva Climbing shoes will help you with the best climbing experience. When you are done climbing make sure to spray them with SoleFog to keep them smelling fresh. Stinky climbing shoes are never good.


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