If these Boots Could Talk - Hiking Central California for Surf

Jalama State Beach

The Crevo Leather Boots are a go to for every cold surfing hike adventure. Long walks through the forest and across beaches, my feet have stayed warm and protected from the elements.

Jalama State Beach in Central California is home to one of the best waves. Arriving at 5AM before sunrise walking down a trail through the rolling hills of the Central Coast. The sunrise colors give the local shrub and sage a golden kiss. Looking up the hill you see one California Oak tree standing with all its branches angled south, from the constant harsh Northwest ocean breeze. The same breeze makes your skin tingle and reminds you, you are alive... but it is freaking freezing! The cliffs are made up of loose sedimentary rock. Scaling down the last portion mixed with sand and rock you can never get a sure foot hold..... Just keep moving the cliff above you may fall!

On to the beach for a 20-30 minute walk with a brisk dry wind and temperatures in the 30's, is the best pre-surf warm up. Natural oil seeps leave the beach with tar globs peppered in the sand. These boots have been covered in tar, drenched from a sudden rush of the ocean up the beach, but will keep your feet protected. Keeping a speed walker pace, I have sweat through all my layers by the time I have reached the lookout point to change into my wetsuit. The 5/4mm hooded full wetsuit is freezing and still wet from yesterdays surf, but it will keep me warm in the water. The waves are big and perfect. The sun is gleaming and there isn't another sole to be seen. Let's just hope the sharks aren't hungry!

Some of the best waves in the world are not a jump out of your car and put on your trunks situation. They demand commitment before you get in the water. A wave is worth hiking for, and having the boots to trek through forests, jungles, and scale cliffs make it all the more attainable. 

Jalama State Beach Cliffs

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