If These Boots Could Talk - Mountain Biking The Bogus Basin

Spray SoleFog in your Shimano AM9 Shoes to keep them smelling fresh after every ride.If you are planning to go mountain bike riding and want to conquer gravity you will fall in love with Shimano’s AM9 SPD shoes. Make this pair a key part of your tracking gear and you will not regret the decision.


Bogus Basin offers more than 9 miles of continuous single track on a glorious bike trail in Idaho. Tracks like these are the main reason people consider going mountain biking.

The name of this trail is Deer Point. This trail climbs before it reaches the foot of the mountain, but it is not too steep. Overall, the track gains an elevation of about 1,450 feet and the initial 20 minutes cover the majority of the climb.

Mountain Biking down Bogus Basin Deer Point Trail, Right after the ride make sure you spray SoleFog in each stinky shoe.

If you manage to visit the trail during the spring, you will enjoy spectacular views the blooming wildflowers offer. This single track will take you through several dense forests, bridges and creeks, and distinct rock formations.  

While the Deer Point Trail at Bogus Basin is considered an beginner to intermediate ride. Those clip in Shimano's are still going to get hot and sweaty! Luckily, SoleFog comes in a convenient can that you can take carry anywhere. Straight back to the car spray one short burst in each shoe and those Shimano's will smell like the wild flowers.

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 SoleFog is safe for all ages and everyone in the family. Make sure all the shoes get a short burst to keep your feet or shoes from being smelly

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