Introducing SoleFog Aerosol Shoe Odor Eliminator


We are very exciting to officially launch the SoleFog Odor Eliminator line of 100% Natural aerosol spray shoe odor eliminators and air fresheners. To start I would like to give you our story, where we were, how the idea came about, and what it took.

It all began with a husband who has an unfortunate rank, rancid, stinky smell in every shoe, boot, sandal, cycling shoe, golf shoe, or surf booty he has. He tried every product available in store, on Amazon, and anywhere else he could find it. Nothing realllllly worked. The best solution was to dump a little bit of scented cat litter in each shoe, shake it (for complete coverage of the inside of the shoe), and leave it overnight. In the morning, dump out the cat litter and the shoes smelled better, but left with a sandy residue that was just not right. This was part of normal life. 

On a family ski trip, my snowboard boots were asked to be left outside, for one reason and one reason only, they made the entire first floor of the house stink! A comment from the caring mother in-law is when the light bulb went off. "You should make your own shoe odor spray". That's when the wheels started to move. Create a 100% natural, strongly scented, shoe odor eliminator that kills bacteria quickly. 

 After researching for months and working with multiple manufacturers and chemists. The SoleFog Shoe Odor Eliminator was created. Most notably it was created 100% in the United States Of America. SoleFog has all the key features to being a functional shoe odor eliminator for those whose feet really do stink.

- Fast Acting Odor Eliminator Properties that kill bacteria created by sweat

- Strong Fragrance for those whose shoes need serious help getting rid of the stink. Why shoe odor exists will come in a future post.

- 100% Natural water based product manufactured from naturally occurring properties

- Aerosol Burst Spray Can, because it only takes one short burst to kill bacteria in the deepest part of the shoe. Aerosol still gets a bad rap, but SoleFog is not flammable and really works better than the pump action spray cans.

- Convenient Travel Size Can, that fits perfectly in the dopp kit. Really save yourself when you on a work or adventure trip and you have been in those shoes all day.

- Safe for Kids. Take care of your children... sometimes they have no idea they are the ones with stinky shoes at school. Keep the teachers happy! :)

SoleFog is the shoe odor eliminator for those that don't want to be held back by their stinky shoes. They want to continue to enjoy what they do, enjoy the outdoors, and enjoy life. Live with Fresh Feet by purchasing your first can of SoleFog Here.

As we continue build, grow and better our product we would love hearing your feedback. Please send us an email at

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