When the Light Bulb Went Off

skis and boots

SoleFog came about after an unfortunate accident and shoe odor problem that I have had since puberty. 

About a year ago, my wife and I went on a weekend ski trip to Mammoth. These weekenders consist of driving 6 hours after work on Fridays. Skiing all day Saturday, enjoying happy hour and dinner Saturday Night, and a 1/2 day of skiing on Sunday. Then driving home Sunday afternoon. Let me note these strike missions are worth it every time!

This in-particular weekender we decided to take Friday off, leave around 5am Friday and get up to the mountain by noon that day. Everything went like clock work. Easy drive, got to the house, rental equipment was at there, got our gear on quickly, and straight on the lift with no hiccups. Per usual all the girls took the chairlift together to chatter and gossip. The boys did the same and sat there in complete silence to enjoy the view. My wife exits the lift on her skis and wait for the snowboarders to clip in. As she is waiting, the most idiotic, brainless, beginner skier loses control getting off the chairlift and plows right into her twisting her knee! In a nut shell the day was over.

The wife and I went back to the house to ice her knee and assess the situation. We take off our gear, leaving boots, bibs, jackets and helmets strewn all over the floor. Her knee is on ice and she is laid up on the couch, cursing disappointed with the whole situation. Me being the caring husband, I am right there with her massaging her feet motivating her everything will be ok. 

After sitting for about 20 minutes my sweet, polite, and caring mother in law asked me very nicely to move my snowboard boots in the garage, because they were leaving a very unwelcoming smell in the first floor of the house. Because I myself am polite, sweet and caring (sense the sarcasm); but also know all of my footwear stinks promptly replied of "Of course"! I walked down stairs and every step I took my nostrils flared and burned with each step. Those snowboard boots made the entire room smell like locker room full of jock straps marinating for days. The boots really did need to be outside or in the garage among the elements.

I wasn't embarrassed about the situation, because I have had this problem since puberty. I must have done something extremely wrong in my past life to deserve the talent of manufacturing such raunchy smells in my shoes and boots. I have used every product on the market and nothing really works. The smell always comes back after the next wear. 

After a short conversation about solving the worlds problems with my mother-in-law she came up with idea that I should make my own shoe odor spray. That's when the light bulb went off, and where this journey begins!

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