Building A Scent

At Fresh Science, we take great care when it comes to our products.

This business is a labor of love. Every product we create, every change we make... everything is done with real focus, consideration, and attention to detail.

When our team sits down to explore updates to existing products, or come up with new ones, we all bring our own, unique considerations to the table. This approach helps makes sure we're including multiple perspectives, and is what has led to our success. We also know that scent is a very personal thing!

At Fresh Science, we consider not only what our users want to smell, but how they want to feel when they use our products.

Everyone perceives smells differently. Some scents make us reminisce about favorite memories. Others remind us of loved ones. Some simply change the way we feel.

When building new scents, our team brings together and considers multiple options. To narrow the field and select a final, winning scent, we take time to actually live with and use each one for a while. While we all have our own, personal favorite scents, we're proud of each and every one.

It's our hope that as you use Fresh Science, you feel the love and attention to detail in every smell 🥰

Fresh Science - Building A Smell