Destroy Embarrassing Bathroom & Litter Box Smells! 💩

Pandemics are hard. Never before have I been as keenly aware of my bathroom habits and those I live with. Humans, felines, and boyfriends alike.

I've always felt like I have to make excuses to keep those I love away from the bathroom after I used it. Now days, there's no escaping this apartment or the smells I left behind. That's no good... I need a way to maintain my integrity and feminine mystique while being discreet. And it sure would be nice to be able to use our shared spaces anytime, regardless of bowel movements!

Yes, we are all aware of the ol' run-the-shower, or lighting a match post "dropping-the-kids-off-at-the-pool" methods. But as tried and true as those options are, there's a better way that's not as obvious, hazardous, or time consuming: Fresh Science!

A quick spray into the toilet bowl pre-poop eliminates any evidence of what I left behind. Like an animal burying its poop in the wild, you'd never know I was there. And if it's an extra strong movement, spraying Fresh Science onto myself or in the air works like a charm 🥳

Lately I've also started to wonder if my cat and I are in sync. He doesn't seem to mind what he leaves behind, but I sure do! While I can't really do anything about the excessive amounts of hair, night time vocalizing, or vomiting on the couch... I can eliminate the smell of his fresh feline feces. (Yes, I guess I'm around enough now to clean up every time he uses the litter box, but I shouldn't have to. That's an awful lot of work to rid the apartment of odors!) Fresh Science makes my life easier. All I have to do is a quick spray and his litter box smells like new.

Fresh Science has given me a new sense of freedom. I can enter the bathroom anytime without fear of gagging. I can eat chili every day, and Uber Eats Taco Bell to my hearts content 🌯 I also no longer hold a grudge against my boyfriend when he chooses to binge on bean burritos anymore. And I don't feel self conscious about anyone entering the bathroom after I'm done destroying it 💣

Freshness is in the air, saving relationships from embarrassments and confronting our own humanity. And as this pandemic has reminded us, science is more important than ever...

 Go Go Fresh Science Odor Eliminators!!


Fresh Science - Making Bathrooms Smell Fresh During Global Pandemics!