For Pets!

We are excited to introduce the first in a brand new line of Fresh Science products made specifically For Pets and all types of pet related products! 🐶 😺

Until now, we've always focused on creating products to eliminate shoe and exercise gear related smells. But we've always known that our deodorizing sprays can be used for a wide variety of smelly situations. As we like to say, "If it's stinky, you can use Fresh Science on it!"

Though we love our furry friends (shout out to Mogli and Shelby!) we're keenly aware that they're often the source of our home's stinkiest of stinky smells...

Today, after months of testing and internal use, we're beyond excited to release the first in our brand new "Fresh Science • For Pets" line of products.

Specially formulated to be safe for pets and all types of pet products, these maximum strength, deodorizing sprays destroy really stinky pet smells.

With a single spray, your pets and home will smell great! 🥳 🎉 😱

Fresh Science • For Pets is perfect for all sorts of pet products. Our favorite uses include,

  • Musty, wet-dog-smelling pet beds
  • Your pet's favorite spot on the couch
  • Blankets, carpets, furniture, clothing...
  • Anything and everything that your furry loved ones have gotten stinky!
And yes, you can use Fresh Science • For Pets to help eliminate litter box smells. But many cats are especially picky when it comes to their commodes, so we strongly recommend careful consideration here.

    We hope you end up loving our For Pets line of products even as much as you love your furry, four legged friends!