For Toilets!

Introducing another new line of products: Fresh Science • For Toilets 💩 🥳

Conceptually similar to our popular For Pets line, For Toilet products have been specially formulated to destroy stinky, embarrassing bathroom smells and leave your toilet smelling like new!

Please give a warm welcome to our brand new, maximum strength "Nothing To Smell Here But Citrus" deodorizing spray 👏👏👏

Featuring a subtle design that won't embarrass your Mom, Fresh Science • For Toilets products are an easy and effective way to dramatically reduce bathroom smells.

For best results, we recommend the following simple steps,

  1. Before you go, spray Fresh Science • For Toilets spray into your toilet bowl. This creates a thin layer on the water's surface that acts as an odor barrier and helps trap smells!
  2. Do your thing...
  3. Afterwards, spray into the air, do a little dance, and celebrate another successfully sneaky BM 🥳

We hope you end up loving our For Toilets line of products as much as we do!