Keeping Your Athletic Gear Smelling Fresh

Have you ever pulled your workout gearĀ from the dryerĀ andĀ have it still smell funky? Yeah, that stinks (couldn't help it šŸ¤£)... But fear not. After years of tackling bad odors ourselves, we have a few tried and trueĀ solutions thatĀ can help!

While obviously we recommend using ourĀ Fresh Science ā€¢ For Shoes & Gear lineĀ of products, there's a lot more you can do,

  1. Hang It Up To Dry
    When you get back from the gym, don't just throw your dirty yoga stuff into a pile! Hang it up and dry it out before tossing it into the hamper. Wet and dark places are the perfect environmentsĀ for mold. And that stuff smells!!
  2. TurnĀ Your ThingsĀ Inside Out
    Your skin sheds and gets stuck inside your stuff. Washing your sweaty gearĀ inside out letsĀ all that excess skin be washed much more effectively. At the same time, turning your things inside out will make it easier for your washing machine to directly target and killĀ odor causing bacteria.Ā Ā 
  3. Odor Eliminators
    ļ»æAfter each workout, a single spray of Fresh Science in your shoes and on your gear will do the trick. We personally find this is easiest to do while packing up ourĀ gym bag. "Pack and spray" goes a long way!Ā In addition to smelling great,Ā Fresh Science's odor eliminating sprays have been specially formulated toĀ help eliminate andĀ protect your shoes and gearĀ against futureĀ stink.

At Fresh Science we're dedicated to researching and creating fast acting, scented odor eliminators for active lifestyles that work as hard as you do!

Fresh Science - Keeping Your Athletic Gear Smelling Fresh