SoleFog is now Fresh Science!

Originally created to solve a husband's incredibly stinky feet, SoleFog was introduced in September 2016 as a fast acting, strongly scented, odor eliminating spray that actually worked. Four years later, this same, original product has continued to be the best solution available.

Today, we're expanding efforts and bringing the same focus to eliminating odor issues beyond stinky feet. After nearly a year of working with chemists and manufacturers to improve and expand upon the original SoleFog, we're excited to announce the launch of Fresh Science.

SoleFog is now Fresh Science!

Fresh Science - fast acting, scented odor eliminators for active lifestyles!

Featuring new scents and brand new upcoming product lines, we can't wait to share Fresh Science with you!

Despite becoming a favorite of many, the SoleFog brand has held us back in some subtle ways. While working to bring our new products to market, we began to realize a fresh start (pun intended!) would be needed. But what could be better than our existing name?

We wanted a new name that would make it obvious our products could be used for more than just shoes. A name that would appeal to more than just men with stinky feet. A name that would give us the flexibility to explore and expand into new and exciting product lines. A name that would reflect our commitment to creating the best, scientifically focused odor eliminating products.

"Fresh Science" is that name.

In addition to a new name, scents, and product lines, we've revisited and refreshed everything about our brand. Today we're also revealing new logos, new color schemes, new product designs, and a brand new website.

And this is just the start. Over the coming months we will continue to evolve and grow Fresh Science in many exciting ways, and we can't wait to share the journey with you!

Fresh Science - Fast Acting, Scented Odor Eliminators for Active Lifestyles!