Fresh Science - Our Story

Fresh Science Odor Eliminators

At the start of the 2020 global Coronavirus pandemic, four friends came together to solve a shared, smelly problem. Stuck at home with kids, pets, and a never ending pile of sweaty stuff, their homes smelled bad. Real bad! Stinky odors were adding unwanted stress to their lives and households.

So they did what any enterprising, creative, scientifically minded group of friends would do... they created a solution!

Iterating on and obsessing over every detail of an existing odor eliminating product with years of development and testing already in place (SoleFog), they created something even better. The new and improved, Fresh Science!

With new scents, and brand new "For Pets" and "For Toilets" product lines, Fresh Science is dedicated to continued research and development of odor eliminating products to help you and your entire family (and your furry, four legged friends!) enjoy a better smelling world 😊

The 3 most important aspects of Fresh Science odor eliminators are,

  1. Destroys Odor. Smells Great! Fresh Science is developed with specific ingredients that actually destroy bad odors, and carefully crafted fragrances that smell amazing!
  2. Doesn't Change How We Live. Fresh Science isn't there to change your active lifestyle. We want you to continue to live outdoors, compete in sports, play with your kids and furry friends, and enjoy life! Fresh Science will just make your life, and your home, a little more pleasant.
  3. Made in the USA. Fresh Science was developed and will always be 100% produced in the United States of America. Born during a global pandemic, we're committed to not only keeping our friends and neighbors smelling great, but gainfully employed!

Next time you kick off your stinky running shoes, snowboard boots, exercise gear, or anytime your house needs a boost of freshness, spray a quick short burst of Fresh Science and let it go to work!